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What Is Your Motivating Factor?

Throughout my professional career I have seen countless of times active job seekers looking for the “next best thing”.  I always say, the grass may look greener on the other side, but keep in mind, it’s the pesticides that makes the grass look so green.  In other words, what you see or what you hear isn’t necessarily ‘real’ when you’re in the midst of your job search.

One question I always ask my candidates is, “What is your motivating factor”? This question is crucial in order for a recruiter to thoroughly understand why a candidate is even beginning to entertain the possibility of a new employment.  Yet, it surprises me, when so many can’t seem to come up with an answer.

Below is a list of motivating factors that I have heard during my tenure as a recruiter. Starting from the most common to least common:

1) Money – We all want to make more money, that’s a no brainier!  Questions you need to ask yourself are; Do my qualifications warrant a pay increase?  What about my degrees and/or certifications?  Does the tenure I hold at my current job influence a higher salary?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to at least two out of the three questions, then most likely an increase in salary is justifiable.

2) Positive Work Environment – Employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers.  I always ask my candidates what their current work environment is like, especially if I know they hold solid tenure with their current organization.  Also, what has kept them there for so long?  This is where I become completely transparent with them.  If I know that the reason they have longevity is because they like the people they work with, that tells me it’s a positive work environment and the company adhere’s to a culture that keeps the employee turn-around low.  So in this case, should an increase of $10,000 dollars be worth jumping ship, when in fact you enjoy waking up and going to work to be a part of a “healthy”, “non-toxic” team?

I always say that work environment should be everyone’s number one motivating factor. Think about it…  You can be making 30% higher in salary but when you’re dreading going to work and leave for the day feeling as if a vampire has literally sucked the life out of you, is the 30% increase worth your sanity?

3) Company That Offers Room For Advancement & Growth – Some people are perfectly content going to work, knowing what their responsibilities are and to perform the same tasks on daily basis.  But there are others that seek self-improvement, that want to challenge themselves and work their way up within the organization.  They’re not satisfied being stagnate.

If this is you, you need to ask yourself; How long have I been in the same role?  Are there any internal job openings that I know I’d be a great fit for?  Does my manager understand that I’m ready to take on more responsibility?

Once again, if you answer two out of the three questions with ‘yes’; which means you have applied internally as well as spoken to management and/or HR but feel you got no where, then most likely it’s time for you to find the opportunity that will give you the advancement you deserve.

4) Looking To Relocate – Many reasons why someone is looking to relocate are; their spouse needs to relocate for a job, warmer or colder climate, to be near family, children are in college and would like to be closer to them, or perhaps a change of school district.   Whatever the reason may be, I always suggest to write them down in numeric order with the first being their top reason.  This way your recruiter will be able to assist you better by narrowing down their job search on your behalf, based on geographic region and your top factors in order to relocate.

Prior to beginning your job search, know what your motivating factors are.  You always want your decision to be a win-win situation for you, your family and the company.